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Release Date: September 18, 2013 (limited)
Studio: Fox Searchlight Pictures
Director: Nicole Holofcener
Screenwriter: Nicole Holofcener
Starring: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, James Gandolfini, Catherine Keener, Toni Collette, Ben Falcone, Eve Hewson, Tavi Gevinson, Tracey Fairaway
Genre: Comedy
MPAA Rating: Not Available
Official Website: Not Available
Review: 8/10 rating
DVD Review: Not Available
DVD: Not Available

Plot Summary :  A divorced and single parent, Eva (Julia Louis Dreyfus) spends her days enjoying work as a masseuse but dreading her daughter’s impending departure for college. She meets Albert (James Gandolfini) – a sweet, funny and like-minded man also facing an empty nest. As their romance quickly blossoms, Eva befriends Marianne (Catherine Keener), her new massage client. Marianne is a beautiful poet who seems “almost perfect” except for one prominent quality: she rags on her ex-husband way too much. Suddenly, Eva finds herself doubting her own relationship with Albert as she learns the truth about Marianne’s Ex. “Enough Said” is a sharp, insightful comedy that humorously explores the mess that often comes with getting involved again.

Movie Review

Enough Said (2013) is an enjoyable romantic comedy written and directed by Nicole Holofcener.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is Eva, a divorced massage therapist. James Gandolfini portrays Albert, also divorced, who meets Eva at a party. The chemistry seems to be there, and both Eva and Albert are slowly falling in love.

However, “The course of true love never did run smooth.” Naturally, there are complications. (No complications = no plot.) Both Albert and Eva have daughters who are leaving shortly for college. A friend once told me that students leaving home for college become obnoxious almost by instinct. That makes the break easier and less stressful for everyone. I don’t know if that’s a universal rule, but both daughters in the film appear to be following it. There’s another sub-plot involving a friend of Eva’s daughter, who is bonding with Eva, just as Eva’s daughter isn’t bonding.

However, the main obstruction to romance is that Eva has a new friend and, by a very bad coincidence, the friend is Albert’s divorced wife. So, Eva is playing a double game–dating Albert, and hearing all the annoying things about Albert that made his wife leave him. That would surely cause trouble and, of course, it does. You’ll have to see the movie to find out what happens next. “It’s complicated.”

I really enjoyed this film because it was well crafted, funny, and very well acted. Julia Louis-Dreyfus can act beyond her role in Seinfeld, and James Gandolfini could act beyond his role in The Sopranos. Of course, there’s a melancholy cloud over the film, because we know that Gandolfini died soon after the movie was completed.

Still, it’s a pleasure to see two likable, talented actors making each other laugh, and making us laugh with them. The film will work well on DVD. If you miss it in theaters, be sure to see it on the small

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